What's next?

My last day at ChaCha was on 10/15/2010. Since I left I've done a bunch of traveling, seen some family, done some volunteer work and generally tried to relax a bit. No one seems to care about that though, everyone just wants to know what's next. Well..

I've been considering my options, talking with various startups, thinking about next steps but nothing has exactly seemed like the right fit. I've spent the past ten years at various startups primarily in development and leadership roles, and have accomplished a number of the professional goals I've set for myself. Of the companies I've talked to since leaving ChaCha, one constant has been that they each seem to be seeking a 'startup CTO'. That is, companies want someone they can trust to cofound, build the software, build a team, and provide the business technology leadership.

Before I knew it, I had two clients. I have two companies (both of which I had previously worked for, which I consider a vote of confidence) that want me to play various roles. Finally something feels right. I like helping startups. I like change. I like wearing lots of hats (system engineer, software engineer, CTO, etc). Suddenly that thing I've been helping other companies do for ten years, is something I'm thinking about doing.

I love Indianapolis, and love the startup community here. I asked someone recently, "What do you think I can do to help move startups forward in a significant way here in Indy?". That's been the question I've been trying to answer for myself. What can I do?

If I don't start my own company, I would be interested in co-founding something. At any rate, I don't think I'll be doing anything but consulting work through the end of the year. Still, sounds like fun.

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