Back at it

Back at the end of July I ended my tenure as VP of Product at Compendium Blogware. I had a wonderful experience with that company and had the good fortune of working with a really talented, smart group of engineers. Despite that, as we neared the end of our first OEM integration, I found myself looking for a new challenge. Compendium had gotten to the point of being on auto-pilot from a product perspective and the big challenges that I originally joined for had been tackled.

Towards the middle of July I was contacted by a recruiter with local Q&A/Search service ChaCha. ChaCha was looking for a replacement for their recently departed VP of Operations which didn't sound like a good fit for me but I was interested in the scale and the problem space and agreed to talk with them. After several rounds of interviews I ended up accepting a position as VP of Engineering and started on August 10th.

Since joining ChaCha I have also taken on the operations, QA and helpdesk teams as well as some PM and UI responsibilities. The issues and problems that I expected to have to tackle are as challenging as I thought they would be but of a completely different nature. ChaCha has an excellent team and although I'm still the "new guy" I've been able to make (from my perspective) a lot of positive changes, particularly with respect to team structure and product development processes.

So, now that I'm not at a blogging company I'll be getting back to my trusty blogger blog and writing again. Looking forward to it.

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