Google Code as Personal Wiki/VC Tool

I figured I would put this up as some folks might find the idea useful. For a long time I've wanted an externally available, free, reliable, hosted environment that had a personal wiki and version control. I would have loved to find a Trac+Subversion environment but I didn't trust any of the free ones out there. I've got tons of documentation that I create that seems to get lost in a slew of .txt files in my home directory. Likewise I've got lots of sample code that gets created as Foo.java, foo.js, foo.php etc and ends up disappearing. Google Code is a hosting service that has version control via subversion, issue tracking, wiki pages and a bunch of other features that I didn't really need. Today I noticed the link on Google Code saying, "Create a new project", so I thought, "What the heck?" Looking at the TOS and FAQ, there is nothing that prevents me from using this as a personal wiki and version control system. I already keep all of my source under a friendly LICENSE and have no problem doing the same for scripts and documentation as well. I put everything I would need to checkout my home directory (bash scripts, vim files, etc) into subversion. Perfect for when I hop on a new machine. Also good for synchronizing changes between environments. I also threw up a few small java projects that have been sitting out of source control for too long, I'll keep adding more as they come up. I also got started putting a bunch of the files in my local doc/ directory into the wiki. Fortunately I've been using the Trac/MoinMoin syntax for a long time so it shouldn't be too difficult to make the transition from local storage to remote. One of my favorite features so far is that I can check out my wiki onto my local workstation and make changes there with my editor of choice. Very cool. If you're interested, here are some links: So far I only see two downsides. First, I have to be very careful not to commit anything sensitive to the repository as it's public. This generally isn't a problem but I do double check my commits. Second, unless I switch from Ant to Maven in the near future, jar files are going to send me over the 100MB limit sooner than later. I wonder why I don't have storage similar to GMail or Picasa. Oh well.

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C. G. Brown said...

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