Work in Progress: CopyBlog

I used to have a Wordpress blog, and although there weren't many posts I wanted to import them into Blogger. I found a bunch of tools for importing from Blogger to Wordpress, but none that did the opposite. I found one tool that did what I was wanting (or says so), blogsync-java, but looking at the code it isn't very modular. Given that my technology tastes seem to change every other month, I really wanted a tool that would allow me to copy posts and comments between any two blog systems. Hence, CopyBlog. CopyBlog is a command line tool that allows you to copy posts and comments between any two blog systems, at least in theory. I spent some time yesterday and this morning writing some code to take Wordpress posts and comments and import them to Blogger. Although this currently just replicates the functionality of blogsync-java, the API is much more modular so you should be able to drop in a single class and you can immediately copy to and from that blog type. I should have a 0.1 version out the door this week if I can find some free time, and that would include full support for Blogger, Wordpress and LiveJournal. You can find source code up at http://mobocracy.net/code/CopyBlog

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