Terrible Coffee

I live in Seattle, and Seattlites love their coffee. I never drank coffee until about a month ago when I got back from Europe and started preparing for interviews. I needed a little help waking up in the morning and realized that mountain dew and crack weren't helping me with that boost of energy I required. So as all Seattlites do at some point, I bought myself a little coffee maker and some freeze dried folgers (I don't think Seattlites do that part). I did this after spending too much money for too long at places like Zeitgeist, Seattle's Best Coffee & the like. Now, I had no idea how bad coffee could taste until I made my own for the first time. I don't know if it was the $20 coffee maker, the $3 coffee or the $1 filters but my god that first cup was like a curry filled diaper. Just awful. So in the weeks since my brilliant acquisition, my spending on coffee has mostly gone down although I no longer go for the 5 year old folgers at the local bodega. I've upped the quality of coffee to an "Italian Blend" (their words) made in Seattle, go figure. I can't go on drinking something so horrible. As I continue to attempt coffee perfection on the cheap, I can only hope that I find a tolerable concoction.

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