Reviving WADE

I couple of years ago I started a small project called WADE. WADE stands for "Wireless ADvertising Engine", the goal of which was to enable coffee shops and other sites providing free wi-fi with the ability to earn money from advetising to help offset the cost of wifi. The technology would essentially allow sites to insert advertising in place of existing ads on a page, with ads that they get a payment for. More specifically, using something like the Adblock filter list, apache, mod_rewrite/mod_proxy and some dns magic to instead of removing ads, replace them with perhaps more relevant ads from local businesses. When I went to a friend at the EFF, he informed me that there may be an issue with Copyright law. As in, the content and layout of a page are protected under copyright law. I'm not sure if I'm liable for providing the software, the coffee shop is liable for using the software, or if it is a non-issue. In any case, I have received a few emails about WADE over the past couple of months and have thought I would revive the software and send it to a few friends who can use it. The question is, does something already exist and I should just point people there?

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