Notebooks Suck

I take lots of notes during the course of a week. Formerly I had done this with vim, a directory structure on my Linux machine and a trusty compiler. After I moved my mail to being hosted by Google, I decided I would try out this new "web 2.0" thing and start to move some other functionality online. I migrated my local "cal" to Google calendar, self-hosted wordpress to blogger, Google start page to netvibes, my todo list to "Remember the Milk", and my text editing to Google notebook. Whoa. Google notebook sucks. Things I had grown accustomed to, like using tabs or formatting to indicate sections were suddenly not working that well. Code suddenly lost all meaning in this new Google world, as I had no syntax highlighting and it was a pain to move between my compiler and Google notebook. It was time to search for a new replacement. I looked at Zoho notebook, and wow, it was pretty excellent. But it's slow as anything and I don't know how much I trust having my valuable data with a company that I would rate as "fair weather" for now. So after playing with Zoho for a bit, I moved back to the speed and simplicity of Google notebook. AHA! They have a Firefox plugin, this might be useful. Actually the Google notebooks plugin for Firefox is nothing more than a dumber version of their standard online interface. Well that's not very creative at all. I thought it might have all kinds of neat functionality like additional formatting options (lists would be nice), the ability to embed rich media (sort of? images work), and just maybe the ability to include other files (text, odt, etc would be great). It seems like there is a union between Google docs and Google notebook that has not yet taken place, but needs to. For now, I'll stick with vim.