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I've been building and migrating my bookmarks.html file for nearly 10 years. It started out as a Netscape bookmark file, then became a Mozilla bookmark file, then it was transferred to Phoenix and finally to Firefox where it has happily stayed for several years now. I recently wrote some perl to automatically check my bookmarks, and found that a large number (like, 10%) of the links were invalid (404) or off the net (no server response). It occurs to me that when you bookmark a file, you are often less interested in the URL as being able to find that content again. Many of the resources I bookmark these days are publications, how-to's, FAQ's or other informational pieces of content. It is much more rare that I bookmark a site that has so many resources that I want to just be able to get back to that site. It seems like a useful Firefox extension would be one where when you bookmark a site, you are asked if you want to mirror it as well (just fetch that page and images/etc, no real mirroring). Then when you try to go to a site from your bookmarks, if the site can't be reached or is a 404, the bookmark pulls up the local copy for you. Is anyone aware of such an extension? If one doesn't exist I'll write one, but I'd rather download it. The closest thing I have found so far is the Resurrect Pages extension, but that seems to be more useful for recent or highly trafficked sites as opposed to obscure ones. Although it does use Internet Archive, IA is hardly reliable. On a side note, does anyone know what happened to them? It almost seems that they've stopped archiving most sites.

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Jevo said...

Yeah, that would be a very useful feature. I'd like to see something like that incorporated with the Google Bookmarks which I use more and more. You could even used the cached copy as a preview if you hover the mouse over the URL.