Bootable Development Environments

I've recently been doing a fair amount of contract work and the one constant between all the jobs is the need for a consistent development environment with the following features:
  • Revision Control (preferably subversion)
  • Bug tracking
  • Project collaboration (ala wiki)
  • Documentation
  • Continuous integration
  • Report system (builds, tests, etc)
  • Status updates and notifications (commits, bugs)
Ideally, this environment would be bootable (vmware image and an iso) and easily distributed. You boot a new image, do your development and when you're done you give the image to the client. Obviously this can also be used for opensource projects or in a commercial environment. I've looked at buildix but it's missing many of these features and since it's a thoughtworks project it uses cruise control instead of continuum. I favor continuum because it is language agnostic and easy to extend. It's also easy on the eyes, which is nice if you are doing for pay work. Buildix also isn't that up to date in terms of software revisions. Is anyone interested in this type of a system? I imagine using subversion, trac and fisheye on a debian based system (perhaps knoppix) using apache2. Additionally some custom management interfaces should be developed for administering users, projects, etc perhaps using JMX? If I can get some interest, I'll try and get a working prototype together for the next project I start on.


Anonymous said...

You probably mean ViewVC -- Fisheye isn't free (but it's great)

Blake Matheny said...

That's too bad, I'm not a big fan of ViewVC. Any other suggestions?