Zire on SuSE 9.3

I have spent the past two days trying to get as much as possible out of my Zire 72 on my SuSE 9.3 machine at home. I ditched kontacts in favor of evolution, despite it being more full featured, for the following reasons:
  • kpilot would crash randomly, not allowing synchronization to happen
  • kontacts worked oddly using the wmi window manager
  • kmail filters don't support (although this feature is in CVS) imap to imap moves or copies
I got evolution working with the Zire by adding the evolution-pilot rpm, which installs some .so files and some config files. I'm not sure why these weren't installed with the packages I had selected, since the libtool generated .la files for those .so files were already installed. I already had an SD reader/writer that worked in Linux (The SanDisk Mobile 5 in 1 Reader/Writer model SDDR-103), so I tried copying MP3 files to an SD card and popped it in my Zire. No luck. You need to create a directory named 'audio' on the SD card and put your files in that folder. Still to do:
  • Figure out how to get PDF files onto the Zire
  • OpenOffice for Zire?
  • See how it imports into a fresh Evolution config (at work)
  • Install MMPlayer (and figure out installs in general)
That's all for now.