Utility Based Hosting

The company sysadmin and I spent the past 6 months or so evaluating technologies, hosting companies, colo facilities, network providers and various hardware vendors. We took this information and designed a robust, SAN based system architecture with no single points of failure using what marketing types like to refer to as "best of breed technologies". Two things occurred to me during this process. First, it occurred to me that there really is no good documentation and there are no books on the subject of designing a fault tolerant system for high traffic web sites. Second, it occurred to me that the amount we were about to drop on this system was ridiculous, and there should be companies out there that can offer what we're looking for on a month to month lease that can be rolled out quickly, doesn't break the bank, and allows for quick future expansion. The issue seems to have been mostly addressed by Savvis (http://www.savvis.net), a company that hosts services for companies such as Microsoft and American Airlines. Now, I don't work for Savvis and we haven't decided to go with Savvis, but the system they boast is pretty impressive. I have a call with a Savvis SE tomorrow, I'll report more on my findings then. As for the book? At least some documentation is in order.